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Business Development


For entrepreneurs 

Are you looking for some motivation or help organizing your tasks or project?

Are you so overburdened with tasks that you lack the motivation to formulate a plan?  We've all experienced situations where the relentless demands of work and tight deadlines keep us occupied and force us to postpone our tasks to an endless tomorrow.

Pro Beauty Firm provides you with a signature approach in which you will work to achieve your goals while keeping your daily responsibilities in mind. Utilizing our project management expertise, we can align your project with your overall business goals.

Who Can Benefit? 

The goal of the project management services is to assist service providers who are overburdened and require help completing their tasks or a project. 

The Exquisite Method 


Our project management services have the following steps: 


A Discovery Call. We'll find out if we're a good fit during our conversation. If everything is in order, we will begin once the contract has been signed and payment has been received.

Project Initiation session. We will start by defining the project scope, including tasks, estimates, and milestones, using the data gathered from the discovery call and questionnaire. 

Planning. I'll provide you with access to an easy-to-use project management tool. We will use the information from the project scope to build a comprehensive workflow process for you.

The Execution Phase.  In this phase, the project plan begins. Depending on the frequency of support you select, I'll lead you, make sure you're completing your tasks, and that the project is moving forward. 

You may choose the communication support based on your comfort level:

✓ 15 Min Check-in Calls – 3x/week 

✓ Email Support – 3x/week 

✓ Text Messaging Support – 3x/week 

✓ A Combination: 15 Min Check-in Calls 2x/week, Email or Text Message Support 1x/week.

Bonus: If you need help getting back on track, we will schedule a 30 minute session with you. 

Project Conclusion. During this phase, we will discuss the contract closeout and any further services you may require, review lessons learned, measure client satisfaction, and I'll provide the project closure report.

Grow Your Vision

My goal is to implement and design a plan that creates an impact, strengthens your services, improves your client experience, and increases your business effectiveness. 

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